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Natalie Portman Directs A Tale Of Love And Darkness Trailer

Natalie Portman is now at the center of media attention after news broke out that she directed ‘A Tale Of Love And Darkness’ Trailer

Natalie Portman is always something of a mystery girl, keeping a low profile, but she is always in the center of attention, for her talent in acting and her unparalleled beauty. She always dresses in a casual style, and also wears some styles of sunglasses as fashion accessories.

This movie features an all star ensemble including Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen and Julia Roberts. This film is not your traditional love story by any means. It was simply the result of much hard work and dedication that Portman put into the role. Instead of acknowledging her prowess as an actress which is what she was awarded for, Huckabee was more concerned about her and other women in the country being single mothers.

Natalie Portman has come a long way since being discovered by a talent scout in a pizza parlor at the tender age of eleven. Film buffs will remember that many big stars have been found in the most mundane of places. Lana Turner was first spotted by a talent scout as a teenager, sipping soda at the counter of a Hollywood diner.

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Victoria’s Secret Candice Swanepoel Not Losing Her Figure as She Reveals Her Pregnancy Diet Secrets

Candice Swanepoel is one of the few models who while pregnant, have been able to pull off that sexy yet sophisticated look flawlessly. With her recent images of her posing nude trending worldwide, many wonder just how come she seems to look exactly the same weight but just pregnant.

In an interview done by O.K magazine the model revealed that she is not expecting any additional weight after she gives birth, as is on a strict diet. Revealing further she said that she is eating exactly what used to eat and pregnancy won’t change it.

The catch however is that Candice Swanepoel did eat everything before she got pregnant, but sticks to natural and organic foods. Speaking about her cravings, the stunning beauty was quick to add that when she craves good food, she eats good food.

In the event it is not fresh she will feel it immediately and that’s what keeps her in check. However to ensure that she maintains the weight she does work out a little bit more. Having boasted before that she also burns calories quickly and it’s not a problem for her, one can’t help but envy the beauty.

The South-African supermodel finished advising all moms- to-be to do more of resistance training if they intend to keep their pre-pregnancy shape and weight.

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